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Do you want to learn about the unhealthy foods disguising themselves are “healthy”? Pick up the key points in this summary of the Plant Paradox.

“Why do people in the “Blue Zones” who live the longest still suffer from autoimmune diseases?” or “Ever wondered why after losing weight on a diet you still go on to regain it?”

The answers to these questions can be traced to “lectin” consumption. Dr. Gundry introduces the concept of lectins, proteins found in plants that are harmful to your health.

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The message of this book is that the so-called “healthy” foods we eat based on their lectin levels can actually be “unhealthy”. The lectins adversely affect your gut leading to the onset of autoimmune diseases, cancer, diabetes, and other medical conditions.

As a trendsetter in restorative medicine, Dr. Gundry not only explains how lectins contribute to ill health but presents solutions to how they can be eliminated.

The Plant Paradox Program is a formulation that minimizes your intake of lectins. This book revolutionizes the way you define “healthy living”.


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