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An excellent book for those seeking happiness and success in life.


About the Book:

Are you having problems or failures in your life? Or are you dealing with a bad hand in life? No matter what your conditions are, it is challenging to not adopt that victim mindset. Furthermore, even if we try to change our lives, we are often pleased with our mediocre results. We rarely notice that our potential lies far beyond what we think we have.

But not for David Goggins. He had been dealt with a bad card since his childhood. Yet, David managed to turn around his life and achieve what normal people consider inhuman and impossible. With this book, David accompanies and teaches us how to discover and reach our full potential.

Get to know David in a detailed manner from his childhood into his adulthood with this memoir. Besides his experience, David also introduces you to several concepts and challenges to help you change your life and be the best version of yourself!


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