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In this revelatory, authoritative portrait of Donald J. Trump and the toxic family that made him, Mary L. Trump, a trained clinical psychologist and Donald’s only niece, shines a bright light on the dark history of their family in order to explain how her uncle became the man who now threatens the world’s health, economic security, and social fabric.

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About the Book:

Too Much and Never Enough by Mary L. Trump is a tell-all book that opens up the Trump family to the light of day. Though the opening would suggest that the book is focused on the President, the entire family is discussed from birth through adulthood.

Mary tells the tale of what the House was like for the Trump children as well as Fred Trump’s wife who was not healthy the majority of the time.
The book continues through the current day discussing what happens to each Trump’s child and many of the grandchildren.

Read about Freddy Trump’s battle with alcoholism, Fred Trump’s dissension into Alzheimer’s disease, and Donald Trump’s rise to success on the back of his father’s money and his self-aggrandizement.

Mary Trump is clear in the beginning that she and her brother were disinherited when Fred Trump passed away, she also acknowledges that many feel this book was retribution.

However, she feels this is a book necessary to help the country not make the same mistake in the next election. The decision of motivation is up to the reader to decide.


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