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About the Book:

The book Mastering Diabetes focuses on the underlying cause of diabetes, some of the science behind it, and offers an alternative lifestyle to treat it.

The first part of the book aims at a deeper understanding of insulin resistance. It discusses how animal and processed foods affect the body and explains why the conventional low-carbohydrate, high-fat, high protein diet is wrong.

It offers an alternative low-fat plant-based whole-food lifestyle that promises to reverse insulin resistance on all types of diabetes and eradicate every common complication of diabetes.

The second part of the book is a step-by-step process of building a lifestyle full of habits that utilize a proper diet, fasting, and exercising to guarantee an energetic, satisfying, delicious, colorful, and athletic everyday life.

It teaches how to transition safely from the conventional diet to the Mastering Diabetes lifestyle, how to adapt medication, how to start changing each meal of the day to follow this revolutionary method, and offers a system that leaves no room for hunger.

The effects of the Mastering Diabetes method are no less than extraordinary.

This book includes:

  • Book Summary Overview
  • Chapter by Chapter Analysis
  • Background Information about the book
  • Background information about the author
  • Trivia questions, Discussion questions
  • And much more…

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Available at:
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