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Imagine a world of infinite possibilities and unimaginable wealth.
A powerful story of family and treachery.

How one man became the savior of an entire planet and brought them the leadership they craved.

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About The Book:

Dune was written more than half a century ago and retains its rightful place as one of the standout science fiction novels of all time. Set on the desert planet of Arrakis, it charts the awakening of Paul Atreides, the principal character, who discovers he has a power within him that he never knew existed.
He then becomes the leader of the indigenous inhabitants of Arrakis, who presume him to be a Messiah.

This e-book, Dune by Frank Herbert, is an unofficial summary and analysis of the original which includes:

  • Book Summary Overview
  • Chapter by Chapter Analysis
  • Background Information about the book
  • Background information about the author
  • Trivia questions, Discussion questions
  • And much more

With a close look at humanity in general, Dune examines the human condition and the moral dilemmas faced by it, while looking to a future that may share more with the past than we might expect from a science fiction novel of such vast breadth.

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Disclaimer: This is an UNOFFICIAL summary and analysis, not the original book.
It designed to record all the key points of the original and will provide you with an overview before or after reading the original.

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